Residential tower project
July 1, 2014
Groupe Melatti

QuartierA Condos 3

project size:
225 units
Coursol Miron Architectes
Zabb Design

Melatti has always held a vision for the high-rise high-density residential quality projects. As a matter of a fact Melatti is proud to say they became one of the first developers in Montreal to trigger this market. With the 2008 global recession, very few, including The City, shared Melatti’s enthusiasm in the approach. However, Melatti persisted and undertook a door-to-door approach to petition such a development. The result is a successful multi-phase QuartierA development project delivering 2 towers, 225 units and received the Maire Bâtisseurs awards.

The project is well located positioned with proximity to: Highway 20, metro station, Carrefour Angrignon, municipal park

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