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We are a DBM type of company.


“For anyone with an interest in architecture, planning or the pursuit of livable cities and communities... who will envision, enable and create tomorrow's built environment.”

— Buildings are for People, Bill Caplan


“To go fast you must go slow”
Concept & Design
"Working with space not on space"

Our client’s needs define the spaces we create in both architectural concept and engineering design. This always means that we approach every new project working with space not on space. Spaces are created for people. For living or commercial use, we look at what’s efficient for the client. The structures we raise are created with the usability of the space and people in mind - not compromising on living [or commercial] qualities.

Every project ignites/begins/starts with a light bulb

The “lightbulb” are the opportunities the Melatti team has trained itself to see where others miss it. The opportunity to improve the community. Take risks. Create solutions. To support & model transparency. Every projects starts with seeing a missing link and and striving to solve it with a Melatti BDM solution. Constantly being on the lookout for new opportunities, allows Melatti to think outside the box and become a trendsetter as the local real estate developer.

Feasibility Study
How can we better deliver to the Client?

Having detected an opportunity in the market, Melatti approaches its Feasibility Study across a series of rigorous criteria, not only to evaluate required costs and attained value, but to create a project that seamlessly integrates into the community. We seek to answer this question: “how can we better deliver to the Client?”, where Client is the Community, and Community is the Client.

Property, Land Acquisition or Lease
Driven by passion & transparency, the choices that will continue to impact the landscape of our future

Working together with the City, Melatti is very thorough when it comes to decision on land acquisition, long term lease, or partnership. Priding in the ability to finance the projects themselves, Melatti remains open to strategic partnerships and investments.


“To go fast you must go slow”
Tender & Contract award

Good quality drawings mobilize accurate pricing. Leveraging two generations of expertise in development and construction bring about uncompromised tendered partnerships with our trusted subtrades and suppliers.

Project management

Without the right team, the most accurate pricing, schedule, and equipment will not deliver the promised results. Melatti prides itself in motivating the team to secure progress in a timely and cost-effective manner. From budgeting, delivering conception to completion, to continuously analyzing, managing and mitigating risks, our network and expertise allow Melatti to deliver in synchronicity with planned schedule. Equipped with a proprietary multi-step value-engineering process, Melatti delivers on value. On time. On budget.

Quality Control

Every successful project begins with rigorous planning. However when unexpected events arise, Melatti’s 50+ years of experience allows for flexibility to pivot at critical moments and deliver solutions, without the risk to quality. Melatti is driven both by efficient building and a desire to push the envelope on quality and value.


“Every year do one new thing”

Groupe Melatti offers 50+ years of exceptional property management services to tenants of both business and residential real estate properties. Creating sustainable spaces and lasting relationships brings customer satisfaction to the cornerstone of our company and allows Groupe Melatti to remain a trusted industry leader.

Melatti remains driven to deliver seamless and effortless tenant experience to establish a sense of family, community, and pride. From timely maintenance and preventative measures, to active administration, sales and marketing, Melatti invests in the expertise/technology, quality, and trust to drive the profitability of its real estate assets.

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our team
We are constatly looking for likeminded people to join our versatile team.
Accounts Payable
Construction Divison

Accounts Payable

Project Manager

Construction division is currently looking for a project manager (5-10 years’ experience) capable of coordinating the launch and completion of upcoming residential and commercial projects. You will be responsible to autonomously plan projects, ensure the allocation of adequate resources in collaboration with the site manager and monitor the schedule and budget.