August 18, 2021

Student residence 1300 des Pins


The objective of the proposal is to create an extension to the existing house that will enhance the latter while integrating into the built environment of Avenue des Pins Ouest. We have decided to develop a sober and elegant contemporary architecture which, by contrast, will help enhance the existing house while being distinguished by its uniqueness. We were therefore inspired by the architectural character of the house in question and the other surrounding residences in order to develop a meaningful architectural language in the context of the Golden Square Mile.

Following various analyzes of the coatings of the buildings located along the avenue des Pins Ouest, we opted for a choice of pale-colored materials, more specifically a gray-beige limestone masonry. This choice of masonry contrasts with the existing residence, while participating in the color sequence of the façades of the avenue. This noble and durable material blends harmoniously into the existing palette of materials used on the facades of Avenue des Pins and reminds us of the use of limestone and sand on several period houses, including the bases and inserts. in front of the current house affected by the proposed expansion work.

Architectural language inspired by the existing.
The new extension is inspired by and reinterprets certain elements of the facades of the existing house. It takes the template of the latter and is inspired by certain architectural elements present on its facades, such as the treatment of the outlines of angular windows, the ornamental brickwork.

The proposed expansion maintains the function as well as the residential character of the place.The existing house currently accommodates 8 apartments and the new extension includes 12 residential units for a total of 20 units. This new iteration of the expansion project offers a more compact massing than previous versions and represents about half of the allowable density.

The layout respects the alignment of the rear facades of the five houses considered in the sequence of 1300 avenue des Pins Ouest. The alignment of the rear facades of the urban sequence of this portion of Avenue des Pins is maintained. Thus the strip of wooded landscape to the south, in the backyard of these houses, remains intact and continues from east to west.

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